Welcome to the CTK Chaplaincy Team!

At our school we care for others, share the love of God and welcome everyone into our community. We treat each other as a family and as sisters and brothers we encourage each other, share our gifts and talents and help each other to grow in faith. Why we joined our

Continuing our mission

The chaplains at Christ the King are continuing their mission of spreading God's word and leading prayer during this challenging time. Last week, many chaplains collaboratively sent in parts of a prayer to create a prayer for those closest to them. We hope that God will hear our prayers and

Amazing Ash Wednesday

On Wednesday all of the children and staff at CTK celebrated the beginning of Lent with an Ash Wednesday liturgy. It was a great celebration of our discipleship and we all proudly wore our ashes to show our faith. On the Infant Site, Fr Anthony joined us to celebrate Ash

Love was in the air

On Friday 14th February, CTK celebrated the feast of St Valentine. We shared loving actions throughout the day. The Infant and Junior chaplains celebrated love through liturgies during the day. We reflected on St Paul's definition of what love is. This helped us to think about when we have shown

Living out our faith!

Pupils at Christ the King have been visiting our local care home to socialise with residents. The children have been preparing and cooking recipes using produce from the care home's orchard. By doing this we are carrying out God's work and caring for his creations. We hope we can visit


On Monday, we had a whole school Mission Day. We have been focusing on how we can live out our Mission. We started the day with a liturgy led by our Junior Chaplains. We thought about gifts and talents because we know that it is an important part of our Mission