Here are the resources to help you to enable your young people and staff to explore what it means to be called as a Disciple of Jesus and how they can live this out in their lives. The Call to Lourdes Lourdes is a special place and some of our young people

Feast Day 2020 Hymns

Here are the hymns for our Feast day celebration on 28th January 2020. Happy singing! Opening Liturgy Hymn - My Lighthouse https://youtu.be/_4LuTtiofAs Opening Hymn for Mass - Lord turn your footsteps https://youtu.be/N-p7Xsj-kLw Communion Hymn - Bread of life https://youtu.be/XfNgLwq_BFM Offertory Hymn - Our God is here https://youtu.be/IbDlL_fCcUw Final hymn - And all the people said Amen https://youtu.be/Agrb09i7SUE

Lectio Divina – Activity 4

Here is Lectio Divina activity 4, as demonstrated by St Joseph's in Market Harborough and led by some of their fantastic Chaplaincy team. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkJwzjP8YBA&list=PLf_exW5hQ4-ehUUHG8ahi2ptVsSvHO5_n&index=2&t=0s Lectio Divina Activity 4Download

Encounter Resources – Advent 2

Here are the resources for Advent 2, following the themes 'Advent and Christmastide', 'Youth' and 'Mary and the Saints'. Please make use of them in your school to help those in our communities to continue to Encounter God in their lives. Advent and ChristmastideDownload Mary and the SaintsDownload YouthDownload

Extra-ORDO-nary resources

Here you'll find the extra-ORDO-nary calendar, complete with a weekly theme, feast days and liturgical colours; all of which you can use to feed into your Collective Worships. ExtraORDOnary-2019-20Download https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4kmjRpuNF5KKc9o_md9V_2CzI6Z5ZZ_u