Fr Jonathan Cotton on Racism

Fr Jonathan Cotton, chaplain to the Nottingham Youth service, talked passionately about the issue of racism and explain how we, as Catholics, should react to it.

Missionary Discipleship

This term we are focusing on how we can be Missionary Disciples, especially in a time when we are not seeing each other as often as we would like. Please get involved by doing the action each week yourself and sending a photo or a video (which can be used

CMAT Staff Liturgies

Let's join together as a CMAT family in prayer at this time of difficulty. If you have any prayer intentions, or requests for a certain type of prayer or for someone to be remembered in our prayer, you can let me know if the comments at the bottom of this

Feast Day Fun!

On Tuesday 28th January 2020, over 1000 people gathered in Leicester for the St Thomas Aquinas feast day celebrations. The Briars team joined us for the day and provided some fantastic music. Bishop Patrick spoke to us about being Disciples and about how we are called to look after our

Feast Day 2020 Video!

Here is the video Tom made with students from around our trust, celebrating all of the things which make our schools wonderful, caring, joyful and loving places to be. Enjoy!

You are invited to our party!

On 28th January 2020 we will celebrate the Feast of St Thomas Aquinas for the second time as a family of schools. We want it to be a celebration of all all that makes each of our schools special, and so would like to know what your school can bring

John Henry Newman gets a promotion!

John Henry Newman was Canonised (made a Saint) by Pope Francis in Rome on Sunday 13th October. Newman is the first English person to be made a saint for 50 years, making it a really important event for us. St John Henry Newman said some really famous things. In one of