Missionary Discipleship

This term we are focusing on how we can be Missionary Disciples, especially in a time when we are not seeing each other as often as we would like.

Please get involved by doing the action each week yourself and sending a photo or a video (which can be used on YouTube and on this website) to tshannon@aquinas-cmat.org.

Your photos and videos will feature in this gallery and wil be used as a positive message to bring some joy to the lives of people across our Diocese in the ‘Friday Night Live’ live stream on NDCYS live on YouTube.

Week 6 – Share a message of love in a different language

This weeks challenge is to follow in the footsteps of the Disciples after Pentecost, by sharing a message of love or hope with someone in a different language. Remember to send in a photo or video of you completing the challenge!

Week 5 – Learn a skill and get sponsored for charity!

Naomi, from the Briars, gives us our next Missionary Discipleship challenge

Charities are finding things hard at the moment because lots of fundraising events have had to be cancelled. This week, you are being challenged to learn a new skill, or perhaps use an existing one, to get sponsored and raise money for your chosen charity. Send in your examples to tshannon@aquinas-cmat.org by thursday to feature on the Friday Night Live show in YouTube and on here!

Your examples

Jack Barker share’s a stop-motion story

Week 4 – Share a story with someone

In this weeks challenge, you are being encouraged to be a Missionary Disciple by sharing a story with someone. This could be by reading a Bible story or your favourite story and recording it for a loved one. It could mean that you read a story to some younger students in school or for a younger relative. Maybe you could even come up with your own story on a storyboard? Send them in to us!

Share a story examples

Harry from St Francis in Melton Mowbray reading his favourite Bible story
Lucy and Ruby Chapman share a bed-time story
Jack Barker, Y4 at St Peter’s Catholic Primary school in Hinckley reads ‘What the Ladybird heard’
Inigo (from St Mary’s Catholic primary school, Loughborough) reading “We are three, you are three” from The Song of The Bird by A de Mello with his brother, Mikael, and sister, Amadea.
Students from St Patrick’s Catholic Primary school in Leicester listen to Noah’s Ark

Week 3 – Send a letter or a drawing to your parish priest to cheer them up!

Episode 3

Your Missionary Discipleship examples

Week 2 – Send a message of hope and love

Episode 2

Examples of Missionary Discipleship across our Trust

Lucy and Ruby Chapman sending messages of hope
Jack Barker sending a message of hope to his Grandma

Week 1 – Dedicating some food to a loved one!

Episode One

Your examples of being a Missionary Disciple

Lucy and Ruby
Happy Birthday Uncle Steve from the Mather family
Students from St Clare’s in Coalville giving us messages of hope

Send your examples in to tshannon@aquinas-cmat.org by this thursday!

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