St Joseph’s get creative!

Students from the chaplaincy team at St Joseph’s in Leicester lead the school in a creative and colourful project to make their own cross our of lollipop sticks.

The plan was for the cross to be displayed during the schools Easter assembly, but obviously that couldn’t happen due to the school closures.

However, before the school closed, the chaplaincy team explained to the children in their classes that they wanted them all to decorate a stick in a bright colour. Here is what some of the students thought:

It was fun to make. We all made little crosses and they are all together to make the big cross. I like it because it is so bright. It makes me feel happy when I look at it because it is so colourful.

Erin, Chaplaincy Team

It’s lovely and colourful and makes me think of happiness. We need more happiness in the world.

Lily, Chaplaincy team.

The cross is now on display in the school hall.

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