Year 11 Leavers’ Liturgy

Oh what an emotional day it was, as we officially said goodbye to our wonderful year 11 students. Not a dry eye in school (maybe this was tears of laughter as well as tears of sadness though). On Friday 20th March, we held a special leavers liturgy to celebrate Year 11 and all that they have achieved in their time here at Saint Martin’s During the liturgy, Year 11 were reminded that they are loved by God and how we should do our bit to live in God’s love. Our Head boy and Head girl addressed Year 11 pupils and reminded them of how quickly the time had flown by. They talked about how they had grown, made new friends, joined teams and participated in so many activities through the years. They reminded them of the good times and the challenging times and said that all these experiences laid the foundation for their futures.

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