Born for This – Lent 2020

Rehearsing in the chapel
The first run through
The narrators run through the script
In rehearsals – The Last Supper

Last Friday a small number of students got the chance to perform a piece of drama called ‘Born for this’. It is a dramatic interpretation of the Stations of the Cross set to music created by Jo Boyce. We performed it in front of most year groups with an evening performance to some of our parents. We were directed and supported by Tom Baptist from the Nottingham Diocese Youth Service and Tom Shannon, the lead lay chaplain for the St Thomas Aquinas CMAT. We rehearsed everything the day before and performed it 6 times the following day. It was an incredible experience and the outcome was brilliant despite only having one day to prepare. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and would like to thank Tom for giving us this opportunity. Lewis – Year 9

The crowd gather
Veronica’s song
Jesus is tried
Jesus is whipped
The cross is carried
Jesus carries the cross
Jesus falls
Simon of Cyrene meets Jesus
The women of Jerusalem weep
Jesus is beaten
On the cross
Mary’s lullaby
Jesus is risen

The cast and crew

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