CTK celebrates CAFOD


On Friday, the chaplains from both sites welcome David from CAFOD to find out ways that we can help to make a difference in the World.

We asked David lots of questions about his and CAFOD’s work during Lent. Here are some of the things that we asked:

  • How does CAFOD feel when we send you lots of money? (Anaida)
  • If you were to be given £1 million, where in the world would you share it out? Why? (Ivin)
  • Do you just work in the rain forest or do you help lots of people around the world? (Tommy) – Actually, David was telling us that CAFOD supports 40 countries across the world!!!!
  • What’s the biggest continent that need help the most? (Mia)
  • How can little money make such a big difference? (Gabby) – David tells is that all of the money joined together makes a huge amount of difference.
  • What’s the biggest project that you’ve ever done? (Ivin) – We had £18 million for a Tsunami many years ago mainly thanks to the donations of people from Churches

David told us just £4 can help to buy a Queen Bee to support a family in Central America to sell honey. £10 buys a football and a place in a after school club to give them a safe place to play and helps them to be a child again. He told us that even 10 pence makes a huge amount of difference.

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