Who is my neighbour: Cafod

Our chosen charity for the Lent term is Cafod. With their latest campaign, Cafod have drawn our attention to the Amazon rainforest and the huge amounts of deforestation which are going on there.

Bishop Patrick has asked us to examine our call as disciples of Jesus; part of this calling is to take care of the world around us and to care for our neighbours; those who live around the Amazon rainforest and are directly affected, as well as all of our neighbours across the world who will be affected by climate change.

Our aim as a Trust is to raise awareness of what is going on, for our young people to see why, as Disciples, it is our duty to help our neighbour in need, and to raise funds to assist Cafod in their work. We aim to raise around £10,000 for this appeal; something we will be able to do if each member of staff and each student commits £1.

Who is my Neighbour: Lent resource

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