Perfect peace and preparation

In Advent, the chaplaincy team focused on the four themes of hope, peace, joy and love. We planned and prepared a liturgy based on peace for years 5 and 6 so that we could live peacefully in our day. We decided that we wanted it to be dark in the hall so that we could focus on the candles that represent Jesus as the light of the world.

We challenged all of the children and teachers to think about how we can bring about peace in school and at home not only during the time of Advent, but all year round. All the staff and pupils were left feeling peaceful, reflective and inspired.

Here’s what some of our year 5’s said:

“The choice of music fitted the theme of the liturgy really well.” – Taku

“I really liked it when some of the chaplains acted out parts of the scripture. It helped me to understand it more.” – Matisse

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