Christingle liturgy – we celebrate as one light shines

Miss Mason’s Year 6 led our Christingle liturgy on the Junior Site on the final day of Advent term; a beautiful way to close the term and prepare our hearts for the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. The chaplaincy team made the Christingles, which were given to parents and members of staff during the liturgy as a way of spreading the light Jesus’ brings to us during a time of darkness.

Junior Chaplains gathered together to prepare the Christingles for our liturgy. We’ve been showing that the light lives in us!

One of the hymns the children chose to include in their act of worship was ‘Hope of Heaven’, which teaches the children about the symbolism of the Christingle;

‘the red in the ribbon, for the love that He shows, and sweets as a sign of His goodness. A life freely given, a love we can know, the light of the world ever with us. Hope of Heaven, full of kindness, you came to Earth, bringing peace and life. Hope of Heaven, come shine your light, in this candle that I hold.’

The dimmed lighting lit up by the Christingles created a peaceful, prayerful atmosphere that allowed us to enter our heart rooms and be with God as we get closer and closer to Christmas day.

“I was so proud of the Year 6 children who beautifully explained the symbolism behind the Christingle. I particularly loved when children read out how they can continue to shine the light in their lives.” – Miss Dodd

“The Christingle liturgy is always well thought-through and engaging for the children, but this year was emotive and powerful, really moving.” – Mrs Glassford

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