On Monday, we had a whole school Mission Day. We have been focusing on how we can live out our Mission.

We started the day with a liturgy led by our Junior Chaplains. We thought about gifts and talents because we know that it is an important part of our Mission Statement. During the liturgy, we asked each class to bring forward one of their gifts that they could share with others. One of our favourites was from Year 5. They said they have the gift of humour and told everyone a joke!

During our song, ‘Lend a Hand’, lots of children created a paper chain of their gifts and talents. We’ve put in on our prayer tree so that people know we all have different gifts from God.

We know we can share our God-given gifts with everyone.

Miss Dodd revealed the challenge in assembly on the Juniors. A school councillor had to come and reveal their job. Everyone was given part of our School Mission Statement to focus on. Each year group, then, had to complete a task for their part of the Mission Statement. We were so excited waiting to hear our special mission.

Year 3 thought about playing together and had to create games.

Year 4 thought about praying and learning together. We covered the whole hall in a giant art focusing on 7 ways we worship at school!!

Year 5 thought about helping one another and linked this to CAFOD.

Year 6 thought about their talents by doing a talent show!

Everyone then focused on the Year of the Word and picked their favourite scripture. We create artwork to represent this picture in our classes.

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