Year 7 Briars retreat: Day 1 – Exploring Crich

Over the last few days we have been having loads of fun, activities and adventures.

On Tuesday morning we all woke up from our nice relaxing sleep and went downstairs for breakfast. There were 8 different types of cereals, porridge, toast and boiled eggs.

After breakfast we played a game outside where we had to choose which building to go to in the hope that James, one of the team leaders, didn’t pick the same one. If we did we were out and had to stand next on the patio whilst everyone sang the ‘you gotta go, to the patio’ song.

We then made our packed lunches, got our hats and scarves on and set off on the walk. We had to walk through some beautiful fields although they were very muddy; luckily most of us had walking boots or wellies on. The views of the countryside were amazing and we stopped to play a few games on the way.

After a short but sweet lunch we carried on walking to a war memorial at the top of a really steep hill. This is a memorial to the Sherwood Foresters regiment which still had poppies from Remembrance day.

After that short break we walked back to the Briars where we had a chance to relax and get stuff from the tuck shop. Once that was over we went into our small groups to prepare some quizzes to help us to get to know each other.

For supper we had spaghetti and meat balls followed by cherry crumble, it was fab. After supper we went back into our small groups to prepare night prayers before finishing for the night. After that we went to bed to get ready for a long sleep.

Florence and Isla – Year 7

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