Month of All Souls at Christ the King

We’ve been busy celebrating the month of All Souls this November. As a chaplaincy team we have been leading prayers in our classes as well as having a prayer area on both of our Sites. Everyone has been sending in their names of loved ones that have passed away as can light a candle each day.

We’ve also been commemorating Remembrance Day this year by having a two minutes silence on Monday 11th November. Mrs Glassford spoke to everyone today about Remembrance Day and we even learnt about Ms Masons’ grandad was a hero during the D-Day landings!!!

Every child on the Junior Site decorated a poppy to create our beautiful display as a memorial of those people that served for us to live a free and happy life.

In class, we all planned a liturgy, led by our chaplaincy team, for remembrance day and we thought of different ways to respond to this. Miss Bolam’s class decorated poppies during their liturgy and then had a period of silence to reflect on those who have died.

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