Meet the St Joe’s Chaplaincy Team

Hello everyone, we are Chaplaincy team from St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Market Harborough. We don’t always wear PJ’s, this is just because we are raising money for Children in Need!

There are lots of things we do in and out of school, such as; fundraising for charities, planning and leading Collective Worship, help prepare for and help at Mass, raising awareness, helping people get closer to God and visit people out of school like our local churches, convent and elderly people’s residential home.

We think the Chaplaincy team is important because we can help people to try to be more like Jesus and to share our faith with others.

“I like being a Chaplain because it helps me to be like Jesus” Isabelle (Y6)

“I like being a Chaplain because I like helping people to learn about Jesus” Jemimah (Y3)

“My favourite thing about being a Chaplain so far was running the coffee afternoon to raise money for homelessness” George (Y6)

“I like sharing my faith with other people” Victoria (Y6)

“I like being in the Chaplaincy team because it gives me the chance to help others” Matthew (Y4)

“I really liked when we went to the Convent because I got to learn more abut what Nuns do” Bertie (Y4)

“I like being a Chaplain because I like helping other children to learn about the Holy Trinity” Alexa (Y6)

“I liked it when we went to Sr Catherine’s house and she showed us the book of all of the Nuns who had lived in her convent” Isla (Y3)

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