Welcome to our school!

Welcome to St Charles Catholic Primary School in Measham.

We have caring teachers and staff who help us to believe in ourselves and in God. Our school has a welcoming, friendly, community atmosphere. We live out our mission statement because everything we do is done in love and we make sure we show respect to everyone.

In our school we try to live out our values by being enthusiastic, determined, humble, compassionate and trustworthy.

The things we love about our school are:

“Everyone gets along” Millie (Y5)

“Everyone is polite to the teachers” Lalana (Y5)

“The teachers are really good and make sure the lessons are fun” Harry (Y5)

“We treat others how we would want to be treated” Sophia (Y6)

“Everyone has your back; they care for you when you are upset” Niamh (Y6)

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