Welcome to the CTK Chaplaincy Team!

At our school we care for others, share the love of God and welcome everyone into our community. We treat each other as a family and as sisters and brothers we encourage each other, share our gifts and talents and help each other to grow in faith.

Why we joined our Chaplaincy team and what we like about it.

Leona (Y5): ‘I joined the team because I wanted to improve in my faith’

Ivin (Y5): ‘I joined the group because I wanted to help my friends, and myself, grow in faith’

Melody (Y6): ‘I joined the chaplaincy group because it gives me the experience of speaking in front of large groups of people and makes me more confident’

Anita (Y5): ‘I like it when we speak in front of lots of people, like when we went to St Barnabas Cathedral’

Jolie (Y6): ‘I enjoy being part of the chaplaincy team because it helps me to be a better person by encouraging me to think about other people when we do charity work’

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